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Founded in 1982, by the two main shareholders Ron Dodd and Richard Green (which is where the R R came from!), the company started with just a 2-colour stack press.

The company has now progressed to four CI presses printing up to 8 colours all capable of high quality end work.
With print widths up to 1600 wide and 1250 RPT we can cater all your needs.

The team we have built has a great deal of experience in running polythene films and because of the progressive nature of the type of work we are asked to complete, we believe a continual upgrade and training plan is the key to our and our customers success.

We are BRC highrisk certified A Graded.


Our main objective is to provide the fastest reliable one-stop service for the supply of printed polythene. We achieve this by having what we believe to be the quickest turn-around in the UK and the controls in place to achieve the quality required for the end result.

Our repro and plates are all produced in house through our sister company Vieflex, giving us total flexibility and meaning that all artwork is handled by personnel with over 30 years’ experience in this field.

As the company, its staff and machinery are dedicated to mailing and packaging films and as this is our area of expertise, we have a specialist knowledge in what our customers require and therefore we can help with the decision making process from the moment a job goes live, giving them valuable advice when required.


What We Offer

From original concept to finished product.
We help boost your brand on shelves around the UK!



We work with you to create the initial concept and idea. From this we will use our in house design team to create your artwork from scratch. We can also remodel any existing artwork to refresh an original idea.



Once we have an established design we then work on creating the plates to design your design onto plastic.

Final Product

Final Product

We can then supply and distribute your finished products all from our warehouse facilities.


Meet The Team

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Finance & Operations Director
Finanace Manager
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Engineering & Maintenance
Engineering & Maintenance
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Phil Walton / Dave Kitson
Steve Wigger / Chris Wigger
Tom Lake / James Fiaser
Gary Webb / Andy Bishop
Dale Lambert /
Darren Cooke / Daniel Bishop
Tim Clarke / Jamie Harvey
Harrison Clarke / Mark Foster
Alfie Ambrose / Damien Yeoman
Gavin Newitt / Keith Emes Ellis
Bradley Potter / Christian McVey
Sam Rundle / Chris Hannaway
Gerrard Mynett / Dale Johnson
Tom Barber / Olliver Mallet
Mark Chick / Paul Mason
Justin Armstrong


Our Quality Controls

flexo_inksTo ensure our customers receive the correct printed film and to the design they have specified, a number of stringent controls are in place to ensure that this happens.

From pre-plate production of artwork that has to be signed off, to the constant scanning of the film and colour checks whilst running, we aim to ensure that the film our customers receive is to the highest quality available.

Our own in house designed software, record keeping and quality controls have been fully BRC approved meaning the very highest standards are met and adhered to at all times.


Environmental Responsibilities

The environmental issues that printing creates are more and more tightly controlled every year. As a company that believes in being as environmentally friendly as possible several steps have been taken within the company and its practices to achieve this.As required by the VOC regulations and latest European legislation we collect the gases from the print machines and inks and these are ducted to an oxidiser which burns off solvents. We re-use the heat generated to heat our factory and offices.

We also have in place a very strict in-house recycling regime on all waste polythene products and waste thinners.

We also accept polythene back from end users for recycling, which is sent away for the production of bin liners or building products.


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